Upside-down house in Poland

April 13, 2010 Category: House, Residential

The upside-down house is a unusual house design that located in Poland was designed by Daniel Czapiewski. “This home built and design to remind people of wrongdoings against humanity”, said a Polish businessman and philanthropist. The unique home design has been attracting thousands of tourists. People visiting the house start to feel sea-sick once they are inside. The house took 5 times longer to build than a normal house. It took 114 days to build the structure – a typical project made by Czapiewski’s corperation which specializes in wooden houses, would normally take 21 days to construct. He remembers that his workers had to take an hour’s break every three hours while working inside the house because they were feeling disorientated and confused from the strange angles of the walls.

The upside down house is not the first unusual structure made or devised by Czapiewski. He is infamous for making the longest single piece of wood in the world – a Guinness World Record. Czapiewski also smuggled a complete antique house out of Russia. The house was built by Polish detainees sent in their thousands to desolate regions of Siberia by Russian Tsars in the eighteenth century. Because of its age, suspected to be over 240 years old, the Siberian house was officially an antique and therefore illegal to export.

Upside down house by Ann Beha Architects in PolandUpside down house by Ann Beha Architects in Poland

Upside down house exterior antique houseUpside down house exterior antique house

Upside down house exterior building facadeUpside down house exterior building facade

Upside down house exterior unique home designUpside down house exterior unique home design

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