New Orleans Hospitals in New Orleans, United States

June 04, 2011 Category: Commercial Building, Hospital

Designed by RMJM, New Orleans Hospitals is located in New Orleans, United States. With commissions from the Tulane University’s School of Medicine, the Louisiana Cancer Research Center and Charity Hospital – the oldest and most notable hospital in the USA – RMJM is playing a central role in helping New Orleans to realise its ambition of becoming a centre of excellence in the provision of healthcare facilities and medical research and to boost its struggling economy with investment in medical research.

RMJM was appointed by the Foundation for Historical Louisiana to examine and evaluate the Big Charity structure to determine whether the facility could be restructured or repaired. Charity Hospital, known locally as Big Charity as it had served the poor for over 250 years and which was the oldest operating hospital in the USA until it closed after being flooded in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, is now the focus of the most significant healthcare proposal in the city.

New Orleans Hospitalss Design by RMJMNew Orleans Hospitalss Design by RMJM

New Orleans Hospitalss Design exteriorNew Orleans Hospitalss Design exterior

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