Proposal for Harbor Garage site in Boston in Massachusetts, United States

June 06, 2011 Category: Cultural, Public Buildings

The Proposal for Harbor Garage site in Boston designed by KPF is located in Massachusetts, United States. It’s not the best economic climate for building office space. But Don Chiofaro, a Boston-based developer seems unfazed. He is moving fast and furious to get approvals for a 1.5 million sq ft mixed -use project for Boston’s waterfront, betting the market will change by the time the project goes into construction.

The current scheme, which has been likened to a “matched set of furniture” by Boston architecture critic Robert Campbell, features three tall slender glass towers framed with terra cotta walls. Pederson told the Boston Globe that the intent was to create a high rise that made sense in Boston, a city that has an architectural pedigree of brick townhouses and warehouses. “In both types you have long masonry bearing walls at both sides with large openings in the front and rear” said Pederson.

Proposal for Harbor Garage site design by KPFProposal for Harbor Garage site design by KPF