Grand Canal Square Theatre in Dublin, Ireland

June 13, 2010 Category: Cultural, Public Buildings

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Grand Canal Square Theatre was designed by Studio Daniel Libeskind. The Grand Canal Square Theatre in Dublin is classic Daniel Libeskind: brave, full of life, dramatic lines and striking colour. It will no doubt immediately become a major landmark in the Irish capital. The 2,000- seat performance venue is the core of a wider, mixed-use complex comprising a pair of eight-floor commercial blocks, five-star hotel and residential block.

Dublin, like the many contemporary performing spaces that go before it, is oriented around the water’s edge. Sydney undoubtedly started the trend but more recently, we have seen Snohetta’s Oslo opera house, HLT’s Copenhagen Opera house, Calatrava’s Tenerife Opera house, Foster’s Sage at Gateshead and Herzog De Meuron’s Elbe Philharmonic hall in Hamburg. Libeskind has unashamedly embraced the waterfront added more than a touch of drama with his iconic ‘red carpet’ leading from the entrance to the water’s edge.

The developers, Chartered Land are clearly expecting the complex to attract a huge number of visitors and it will be supported by a full array of integrated transport links including a new four-lane bridge currently under construction.

Grand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel LibeskindGrand Canal Square Theatre by Studio Daniel Libeskind

Grand Canal Square Theatre Exterior 1Grand Canal Square Theatre Exterior 1

Grand Canal Square Theatre Exterior 2Grand Canal Square Theatre Exterior 2

Grand Canal Square Theatre InteriorGrand Canal Square Theatre Interior

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